Automate with an Essential Plus Kit from READY.

The Essential Plus Kit supplies the hardware needed to run Forge/OS, ready to be plugged into an OEM robot controller. The hardware is already incorporated into an industrial enclosure, and is ready to use with minimal setup. 

The Essential Plus Kit comes with a Keba Touch Pendant, Forge/OS 5 Runtime license, plus an IPC in a panel purpose built for Forge/OS 5. Get up and running fast with a simple hardware package that just works. The Essential Plus Kit is designed to get you up and running quickly but allow you to easily setup the devices you need with the minimum hardware to start immediately. Easily connect and set up devices through Ethernet/IP or Modbus or add digital I/O through breakout modules.

See the full tech specs and supported robot controllers in the downloadable files below.

Forge Essential Plus Kit READY Robotics
Forge Essential Plus Kit READY Robotics

Product Information

  • Keba touch pendant and cable
  • Forge/OS 5 runtime license
  • Industrial enclosure contains an IPC as well as Ethernet and USB connections
creative commons license

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