Develop with READY.

READY's Forge/OS software enables easily adding aftermarket automation hardware, software, and plug-and-play solutions to industrial and collaborative robot arms. A single development platform controls all the top robot brands reducing development costs and maximizing market potential.

Robot OEMs

Add industry-leading ease-of-use to 6 DOF robots without sacrificing functionality. Forge/OS adds a user-friendly programming layer on top of the robot controller, leveraging the robot’s onboard commands to preserve functionality while vastly improving useability.


Peripherals & Tools Builders

Integrating hardware with Forge/OS greatly reduces development costs by achieving operability with top robotic brands and other automation hardware. It also expands the addressable market, accelerates market penetration, and drives new revenue.


Machine Builders

Enhance your automation solutions with the industry-leading ease-of-use of Forge/OS, creating a competitive advantage and unlocking new customer categories. Forge/OS also eliminates brand lock-in; design solutions from a broader range of robots to optimize for functionality or price point.



Forge/OS’s open platform minimizes the programming effort for third party developers to build plugins that can scale across top robot brands, and the Forge/OS install base.


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